HR Force | Concur2SAP Travelmanagement Connector


Travelmanagement Connector

The HRFORCE-Solution “Concur2SAP Travelmanagement Connector“ is a Concur certified interface between SAP Concur and SAP ERP Travelmanagement. On one hand, you as a customer can use all features and take advantages in terms of SAP Concur usability and on the other hand you can rely on the high quality and flexibility of your SAP Travelmanagement and the integration into SAP Payroll, Finance and Controlling. This allows the integration of SAP international Travelmanagement solutions into the SAP Concur cloud solution and the fulfilment of legal requirements and special rules (collective and/or company agreements). Extensive interfaces are not required.

Solution Description

The “Concur2SAP Travelmanagement Connector“ is using already existing interfaces in order to jump off the SAP Concur Expense Report into the SAP Travelmanagement where users will have to enter specific data to start the automatic per diems calculation. These results, based on legal agreements, will be handed over into SAP Concur automatically.

Additionally, the trip reimbursement statement will be added as an attachment into SAP Concur in order to ensure the highest transparency concerning the calculation of per diems or accommodations.

Implemented Functionalities

    Transfer of Travel Expenses from SAP Concur, Data mapping and URL-creation for external call
    Mapping of Concur ID to SAP trip number, status check, data transfer and FIORI app call
    Trip simulation, customer specific transfer of per diems as output type in SAP Concur
    Reimbursement statement as an attachment to the SAP Concur Expense Report, status change in SAP Travelmanagement

Client Advantages

  • Usage of the powerful and flexible SAP Travelmanagement in terms of per diem calculation based on collective and/or company agreements
  • No extensive interfaces into master data, time management or payroll
  • Highly flexible enhancement options for data entries (travel and/or driving times)
  • Fast implementation and less testing effort for those who have SAP Travelmanagement already up and running
  • Delegation (in terms of data entry into SAP Concur) is supported
  • Integration via Standard APIs in SAP Concur