HR Force | Employee Self-Service (ESS) Report Viewer


Employee Self-Service (ESS) Report Viewer

You would like to provide your employees with various evaluations on demand within the framework of the existing employee self-service scenarios. Until now, this has been limited and even then only possible at great expense.

Solution Description

With HRFORCE ESS Report Viewer for the Internet you can provide your employees with existing evaluations (payslips, time sheets, annual payslips …) as a PDF within your ESS scenario without programming.

The solution is based on the evaluations already existing in the SAP ERP system and offers a simple Web interface based on WebDynpro for ABAP for the employee.

Existing ESS scenarios can therefore be expanded very easily with further information.

Implemented Functionalities

    Existing reports can be made available to the employee as a PDF by customising. The employee therefore receives a standardised, read-only document.
    The employee is able to call up specific data (year selection, period selection, free date selection) with simple selection templates.
    The employee can simply send the document generated (e.g.: salary slip) to their e-mail inbox with the integrated e-mail function.

Client Advantages

  • Once-only cost expenditure and usage for a large number of reports
  • Integration of customer evaluations
  • Can be used without SAP Portal
  • Stable, proven Web technology
  • Implementing by customising possible
  • No programming knowledge (ABAP, WebDynpro for ABAP) required
  • Simple adaptation options via expansion points
  • Integration option of customer-specific selection templates
  • Can also be used without implementing enhancement packages
  • Can also be used with new ESS On-Behalf scenarios (from EhP 5)