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Travel Expenses - Extension Trade

The collective agreement for trade poses specific challenges relating to the travel expense settlement. Manual handling would mean a great deal of administrative expenditure for business departments or users, and it would be impossible to avoid errors proactively despite every effort to do so. Likewise, extensive legal knowledge would be demanded of the traveller, which would mean great training expenditure for you as a company.

Solution Description

The HRFORCE-Solution "Travel Expenses – Extension Collective Agreement Trade" enables you to meet these requirements regarding collective agreements comfortably and auto­matically. Once installed, this solution functions automatically and, until any changes in the domestic daily rate, without the need for maintenance.

If you are already using SAP ERP Travel Management today, nothing will change in the data entries for your employees when you add this supplement. The training expenditure for your personnel is therefore also eliminated.

Implemented Functionalities

    Domestic portions of travel abroad are handled separately (are not subject to
    this rule).
    Correct breakdown for trips with inter­mediate destinations, as well as for several trips in one day
    Changes for past periods (changes, new trips and cancellations) automatically adjust the monthly calculation.
    Updating of the travel calendar for settle­ment checking

Client Advantages

  • Completely automatic run without manual intervention
  • Reduction in work for specialists, as unnecessary administrative expenditure is avoided
  • Payment of correct travel reimbursements without advance or subsequent adjustments
  • Domestic portions of travel abroad are treated differently.
  • No additional annual maintenance costs
  • No training expenditure for your users