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1130 Vienna

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General Managers:
Ing. Peter HAWLE
Michael HOMOLE

VAT : ATU 47386403
Commercial Register Number: 183718z
Commercial Register Court:
Commercial Court Vienna

Authority in accordance with ECG (E-commerce Act):
Magistrate District Office
of the XIII District

Informationspflicht lt. ECG und Mediengesetz WKO


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If you would like to use our digital whistleblowing portal, click on the button shown at the end of this text. This will redirect you to an external page. We would like to point out that this website complies with all data protection regulations iSd DSGVO and that the cookies and external services on it are used exclusively for the purpose of technical requirements and are necessary for these. In particular, these are responsible for the essential functionality as well as for the security of the website. All personal data transmitted by visiting the website, in particular the IP address, will not be used by us in any way to determine the person behind it based on this additional information. Furthermore, all resulting information is irrevocably deleted in accordance with legal requirements. This data is also irretrievably deleted after the session has expired. This ensures the possibility of anonymous reporting in any case. For more information, please refer to the portal's privacy policy.

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If reference is made directly or indirectly to reference targets (“links”) that are outside of the sphere of responsibility of HR Force, HF Force is only liable when they are aware of the content and it would be tech­ni­cally possible and reasonable for them to prevent its use in case of unlawful contents. In the case of additional content and especially damages that result from the use or non-use of such offered infor­mation, only the provider of the respective site is liable for these sites, not users who simply access the publication via links. This restriction also applies to entries made by third parties in the forums.


HR Force endeavours to heed the copyright of graphics, videos, online games, screensavers, audio and texts, to use their own graphics, audio and texts or to rely on licence-free graphics, audio and texts in all publi­cations. Should any graphics, audio or texts that are unlabelled but protected by a third-party copyright occur on the respective pages, the copyright would not be able to be determined by the operator or does not lie in the area that can be controlled by
the operator. In case of such an unintentional copyright infringement, the operator will remove the corres­ponding object from his publi­cation after notification and mark it with the corres­ponding copyright.

The copyright for published objects created by HR Force
itself only remains the property
of operator of the sites. Copying or use of such graphics, audio or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without express per­mission from HR Force. Legal validity of this liability exclusion.

If parts or individual phrases of this text do not, no longer or not completely comply with the applicable legal situation, the remaining parts of the document will not be affected as to their content and validity.


HR Force EDV-Beratung GmbH, hereinafter briefly „HR Force“, takes protection of the personal data of your users very seriously and strictly complies with the rules of the currently applicable data privacy law. The collected data are also protected according to the best options by technical and organisational measures in our IT safety policy. We consider it our obligation to offer you a form of internet use that respects the protection of your privacy and your right to informational self-determination. We generally only collect data for person-related processing and use if you voluntarily decide to enter the data and/or expressly declare your consent. In such cases, you thereby accept the usage provisions stipulated in this privacy policy or, if applicable, in the specific registration for one of our services (e.g. registrations for events). If you provide any personal data to us on your own, we shall not process such data beyond the scope permitted by (data privacy) law or specified in your declaration of consent. Beyond this, we shall only pass on your data if you have consented to this or if we are required to do so by law, authority or court order.

This declaration is to provide you with an overview of how we ensure this production and what type of data will be collected for what purpose.

I. Safety

HR Force will store your data safely and take technical as well as organisational measures in order to protect your data from loss, abuse or changes. Contracting partners of HR Force who have access to your data under limitation of the provisions of the applicable data privacy law in order to render services to you in the name of HR Force will be contractually obligated to keep such information secret and to not process them for any other purpose. In some cases, it will be necessary for us to pass on your requests to companies affiliated with HR Force within scc group. In these cases, your data will also be treated confidentially and processed in the scope of the currently applicable data privacy law.

II. Automated data processing on our website

When you visit our website, certain data will be automatically saved for the purpose of system administration, for statistical or backup purposes. These are the name of your internet service provider, potentially your IP address, the version of your browser software, the operating system of your computer used for access, the website from which you visit us, the websites you visited on our offer and any search terms that you used to find our website. These automatically collected data may permit conclusions on a specific visitor. Such data are only used anonymously.

III. Services subject to registration – events

If you wish to use the services provided on the website (e.g., registration for events), we may require further information from you in order to provide these services.

For this purpose, you would have to provide us, for example, with your name, e-mail address and other information (address, telephone number, IP-Address etc.), which would allow us to verify, for example, that you are the owner of the e-mail address provided or that the owner of the e-mail address agrees to receive the services in question, in order to provide the services requested by you accordingly.

Online events (online meetings / webinars) are held using software products from various software providers. The specific choice of software product for an online event is apparent. Automated decision-making within the meaning of Article 22 of the GDPR is not used.

For individual events, special framework conditions, such as the recording (photos and/or videos) of the respective event. These can later be made available on-demand or used in press coverage and published in (social) media, publications and on websites of scc EDV-Beratung AG for public relations work and presentation of the activities of the responsible person and to increase the name of recognition of the responsible person. The participants will be informed about these framework conditions. For online events (including webinars) the utilisation can result in video files of all video, audio and presentation recordings as well as text files of the online meeting chat. As it is generally intended that cameras and microphones of the webinar participants are deactivated, any questions asked during the recording will be saved in text form by the respective questioner.

The aforementioned data is so-called personal data, i.e., data which, in summary, can enable your identity to be established or clearly identify you as a specific person. In principle, it is of course also possible for you to use our access-free Internet offer of the website without having to disclose your identity in whole or in part.

Furthermore, in the context of using services, you may possibly provide us with further data – going beyond the data required for the provision of the services (such as: industry, professional group, professional position, etc.) – on a voluntary basis, for example in corresponding form fields. This data will be used by us for the needs-based design of our offers, for product information for advertising, for customer care or for a purpose specifically and explicitly stated in the registration form.

IV. Direct contact

If you contact us (via contact form, e-mail or telephone), the data you provide autonomously will be processed, which is required to process and respond to your request. This information is stored for the period of time we need to respond to your inquiry.  The processing of personal data is based on the existing overriding interest of scc in fulfilling the stated purpose.

In this context, we process your first name, last name and e-mail address, if provided. Optionally, the following data may also be processed by you, if specified: Company, salutation or title.

V. Applications

In fulfillment of our pre-contractual obligations as well as on the basis of legitimate interest, we need your personal data in order to evaluate whether we can offer you a suitable position. In particular, this concerns information provided by the applicants themselves. If your application is followed by the conclusion of a contract of employment, your submitted data will be stored by us for the purpose of the usual organizational and administrative process in compliance with the relevant legal provisions. If your application is rejected, your applicant data will be deleted in accordance with the statutory retention periods.

VI. Data processing during the course of a business relationship

During the course of our business relationship with you, it is essential that we process your personal data, such as contact data or information about business processes. The purpose of the processing is, in accordance with our relationship with you, for example, the performance of the contract, compliance with legal requirements and the assertion of contractual claims. We process your personal data at least for the duration of the business relationship. However, if we are required to store data for a longer period due to legal obligations, the time limits specified in the respective laws and regulations will be observed.

VII. Data processing in the context of a business relationship

In the course of our business relationship with you, it is essential that we process your personal data, such as contact details or information about business processes. The purpose of the processing is, for example, the fulfillment of the contract in accordance with our relationship with you, the compliance with legal requirements and the assertion of contractual claims. We process your personal data at least for the duration of the duration of the business relationship. However, if we are required by law to to a longer storage period due to legal obligations, the periods specified in the the relevant laws and regulations will be observed.

VIII. Cookies

Our website uses cookies in several locations. They are used to make our offer more user-friendly, effective and safe. Cookies are small text files that are filed on your computer and that your browser saves. You may prevent installation of the cookies by a corresponding setting and/or poss. by add-ons for your browser software; however, please note that you may be unable to fully use all functions of this website in that case. Cookies will not cause any damage to your computer and contain no viruses. We do not save any personal data in connection with cookies.

IX. External contents

Our website contains links to other websites. HR Force is neither responsible for these external contents, nor for their data privacy provisions.

X. Objections to data processing

You may revoke your consent granted to us for saving your personal data and their use for rendering the respective services towards us at any time.

Please note that we may continue to process your data even after your objection to data processing at the specified required legal scope, provided that the purpose is justified by legal requirements.

Furthermore, the objection against further use of the data will mean that you may be unable to receive the services previously received anymore and that rendering of the respective service by us to you may be ceased immediately. Your personal data shall be deleted without delay in this context and shall not be kept anymore in our inventory.

XI. Information rights

You have the right to be informed about the type and scope of the data saved about your person, their origin and recipients as well as the purpose for which they were saved at any time.

XII. Further information

If you have any questions that this privacy policy could not answer or if you desire any further information on an item, write to: HR Force EDV-Beratung GmbH, Wambachergasse 10, 1130 Vienna, Austria, with the subject: "Query: data privacy". Upon request, we will, of course, gladly answer your queries or information requests in writing and by mail as well for your safety. Alternatively, you can also use our whistleblower system for inquiries in this regard.