FAQs - Important Questions on the
Subject of Outsourcing

Below are some questions about our outsourcing services that are frequently asked by clients and prospects.

If you should have any questions that have not been answered here, please contact us by e-mail at outsourcing@hrforce.at. We will respond immediately!

  1. Question 1

    In addition to the cost argument, are there any further grounds and advantages that speak in favour of HR outsourcing?
    Introducing outsourcing only because of the cost argument is a fatal error.
    It is essential that some of the following arguments are also present:

    Independence of the company from individual persons

    Protection from absences due to illness, maternity leave, holiday, etc.

    More flexible costs thanks to payment of the services that are claimed, e.g. payrolls implemented monthly

    Lower investment outlay for software and technology

    Greater data security thanks to a professional data centre

    Maintaining program expertise within the company is not required

    The obtainment of more time for important, strategic tasks

    Lower head count

    The realisation of changes in addition the payroll that would not be possible to realise internally

  2. Question 2

    What should I pay attention to when choosing a service provider?

    The experience and professionalism of the service provider (references and completed outsourcing projects)

    The professionalism of the contracts (service level, response times, contract period and settlement arrangements)

    Investment security in HR systems
    (e.g. the scope for upgrading or ex­pan­ding the system when client require­ments change)

    Does the service provider offer support during the preliminary phase for out­sourcing?

    Does the service provider understand your requirements or do they try to sell you their standard services?

  3. Question 3

    What distinguishes HR Force from other outsourcing service providers?

    HR Force is a 100% Austrian company. Its expertise has not been adapted to Austrian needs, but developed in Austria. Nevertheless, the people performing the work have international project expe­ri­ence.

    The expertise of HR Force as the leading provider of SAP ERP HCM imple­men­ta­tion forms an unmatched foundation for this area of activity. This makes it possible for any company to transfer
    their HR management requirements to an experienced partner and obtain the advantage of integrated SAP ERP HCM solutions at the same time.

    Companies that would like to switch to SAP ERP HCM will find a broad spectrum of professional services at HR Force.

  4. Question 4

    When is the right time outsourcing my payroll and how much lead time do I need to allow for?

    Complex transfers (companies with over 1000 employees, complex collective agreements and large operating agree­ments that have increased over time,
    and possible resistance from staff) and com­plete system overhauls are best performed at the start of a new year. A lead time of at least six months must be taken into account.

    However, outsourcing often takes place due to an emergency situation such as the unexpected absence of HR staff due to maternity leave, illness, etc. In such cases, realisations during the year are also possible within two to three months.

    In general, the more active the client’s support and the more willing the client is to cooperate, the shorter the lead time will be.

    However, we do recommend outsourcing HR tasks proactively and not reactively.

  5. Question 5

    Typical situations for cooperation with HR Force

    As a responsible HR manager, you want to keep yourself available for your real, important HR work and are looking for
    a professional solution for your human resources tasks.

    Your existing HR software has become outdated and you are looking for a new solution that suits your requirements. During this phase, you would like to scrutinise and at the same time clean up your current processes if necessary.

    Your everyday activities preoccupy you in such a way that you cannot find the time required for implementing long overdue projects and therefore need to use external resources.

    You have been asked by your company to outsource various human resources activities and seek an experienced and competent partner.