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Personnel Management Solutions with Added Value

HR Force EDV-Beratung GmbH, which was founded in 1999, is an Austrian Consulting company that specialises in project solutions in the area of human resources management based on SAP ERP HCM. With a team of approximately 90 highly qualified consultants, HR Force has developed into the largest SAP ERP HCM Consulting company, making it the countrys market leader in this area.

Although the company focuses on the domestic market, it accompanies its clients abroad as a matter of course. Extensive experience in the international environment can therefore be offered and guaranteed. The references of the team of consultants cover a large number of Austria’s top companies. This guarantees solution expertise exactly where complex structures need to be refurbished conclusively and efficiently. Companies of all sorts of sectors and sizes as well as public
institutions currently depend on the expertise of the specialists of HR Force.

  • scc EDV-Beratung AG

    scc EDV-Beratung AG is the majority owner of HR Force
    EDV-Beratung GmbH. Its core business lies in the display of existing business processes
    in the national and international environment with SAP.

  • XIT-cross information technologies GmbH

    XIT-cross information technologies GmbH carries out projects in the area of SAP basic technology. The service spectrum ranges from individual consulting to operating and maintaining IT Infrastructure.


1999 Founding

HR Force was founded in 1999 by the merger of the HCM consultant teams
at the companies scc EDV-Beratung AG and Plaut Austria GmbH. The person respon­sible for products for SAP HCM AT at SAP Österreich GmbH, Mr Michael Homole, was also a co-founder.

This company line-up bundled together references, experience and employee resources into one form that until now has not been available on the Austrian market.

2003 Takeover of the Plaut shares by IDS Scheer GmbH

Plaut AG, Salzburg sold the CEE subsidiaries (A, HU, CR, SK and PL) to IDS Scheer AG, Saarbrücken. Plaut Austria GmbH then turned into IDS Scheer Austria GmbH, which took over the shares of HR Force.

2005 Sale of IDS Scheer Shares to scc EDV-Beratung AG and General Managers at HR Force EDV-Beratung GmbH

IDS Scheer GmbH sold its shares to scc EDV-Beratung AG, Mr Homole and
Mr Hawle (both General Managers at HR Force).

This resulted in the following ownership structure:
66% scc EDV-Beratung AG, 17% Mr Homole and 17% Mr Hawle.

2006 –
Founding of “Outsourcing” business field

As an innovative Company, HR Force created a business field that deals with outsourcing services in the personnel area.

The main focus is placed on the transfer of the payroll of medium-sized companies based on SAP ERP HCM. A unique payroll solution (Austria Edition) was developed for this, which makes possible to react even to
complex assignments and to complete these quickly and with variety.

Facts and figures



  1. We know our Business.

    That means:
    Expertise is a prerequisite.
    Consulting is the main thing.
    Quality is a point of honour.
    Service is and remains service.
    Everything else is incidental.

  2. We know more.

    Knowledge means being aware. We make ourselves aware:
    Each new employee brings more knowledge to the company.
    Each new project gives us all more experience.
    Each new day brings new insights – and a greater advantage in terms of expertise.

  3. We are on the Ball.

    First-class consulting includes far more than mere technical expertise: Clients receive excellent advice from us, because we not only react promptly – but also think, plan and act proactively. Flexible methods, situational behaviour and quick perception are our strong points in dealing with new require­ments.

  4. We like to be Friendly.

    We treat each other in the same way in which we would like to be treated: Respect, reliability, fairness and trust in dealing with each other characterise our contact with colleagues and clients.

  5. We set Standards.

    We do not pursue any trends, we set standards. We find the best solutions, because we know the difference between a highway and a dead end. And because we know what precedes each outstanding service: We have the desire and the make effort to achieve something outstanding.

  6. We think Ahead.

    We develop our own tools and solutions that are attuned specifically to the requirements of our clients to offer them perfect turnkey solutions. Flexible methods, situational behaviour and quick perception are our strong points when it comes to development, implementation and service.

  7. We li(o)ve our Work.

    Of course, it is about pleasing our clients, but that in itself does not suffice. We also want to meet our own quality standards: We have a first-class education, we work with the best technology with a highly competent team on complex requirements in a quickly changing world. We're searching for the best solution every day.

    We are our own biggest motivators: We don't just do our job, we li(o)ve our work!