HR Force | Accenture Audit and Compliance Tool


Audit and Compliance Tool

We are often faced with having to subject the quality of user and personnel master data and statement results (travel expenses, wages and salaries) to an audit.

Solution Description

Accenture Audit and Compliance Tool is a modular, comprehensive and user-friendly tool, with which a simplified and regular audit of SAP ERP HCM and your salary system can be carried out.

The tool enables you to audit personnel master data, salary calculations, travel expenses, expenses and SAP user and system management.

Accenture Audit and Compliance Tool enables you to display inspection results of data runs in a well-arranged, clearly structured format and prepare them for correction or audit reports.

Implemented Functionalities

    Reviewing of incorrect or incomplete data, redundancies (national insurance or bank accounts), links (current status with wage types, etc.)
    Comparing of payrolls for different cate­gories (e.g.: wage types) with the results tables of the current month, identification of threshold values that have been exceeded and carrying out of yearly plan comparisons
    Over 40 standard audit routines, meaning system audits can easily be tailored to individual requirements.
    Displaying and evaluating of audit results and user-friendly correcting of errors

Client Advantages

  • Sensitive personnel data does not have to be exported from the system.
  • Audits can be carried out directly during operation and the results saved as comparison data for future checking.
  • Because of the modular structure, only the required audit areas can be covered.
  • Employees may themselves create and maintain further regulations without any programming knowledge.
  • The time required for an in-house or external audit is reduced, the employee of the personnel department unburdened.
  • The quality of the personnel data is increased significantly and the expenditure for data correction minimised.