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Variance Monitor™

Variance Monitor ™ gives you what you need to highlight differences between SAP ERP HCM data.

Solution Description

HCM data is both complex and critical – you can’t afford to make mistakes. Manual comparisons lose time, are error-prone and by no means audit-proof. Copying and pasting data into spreadsheets is simply a waste of time and increases your security risks. You also don’t want to rely on overworked technical teams to solve this challenge.

Variance Monitor gives you the ability to compare HR and Payroll data between systems and across periods. And because it’s automated, it eliminates manual comparisons, speeds up your processes and enables your managers and test teams to be much more productive.

Flexible and easy to use, Variance Monitor allows you to define and create comparison rules to spot variances in data (amount, percentage difference or actual field values). These rules are highly flexible, and wizards guide you through every step. Re-usable designs, design once, use often, allow you to be self-sufficient, giving you power and control over your data with minimal training.

Established by the profound experts of EPI-Use Labs, Variance Monitor™ speeds up your testing process and saves up to 70% of your time.

Implemented Functionalities

  • ALL-IN-ONE                                                    
    HCM data comparison solution
  • COMPARE                                              
    Personnel Administration or Payroll data between systems and across periods
    ignore matches and detect “null” values
  • DEFINITION OF RULES                     
    Possibility to define own rules to detect discrepancies

Client Advantages

  • Highlights variances in SAP ERP HCM data quickly and easily
  • Eliminates manual comparisons – saves up to 70% in time
  • Compares huge amounts of data with 100% accuracy
  • Speeds up your testing process – up to thirty times faster
  • Cost savings due to immediate recognition of discrepancies
  • Accurate, fast, flexible