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HR Data Loader

Accenture HR Data Loader facilitates mass data changes in and for
SAP SuccessFactors.

Solution Description

Accenture HR Data Loader gathers data for a particular mass process in one single, end-to-end template and the software validates it before the actual load.

Accenture HR Data Loader uses a straightforward approach to prepare and upload data to SuccessFactors which reduces the time and effort to maintain mass data. The software automatically manages technical dependencies and the data sequencing required to mani­pulate data in SuccessFactors. All mass updates are completed in one place, guaranteeing full control of data changes.

Dynamic workforce changes, organisational restructuring and continuous HR processes demand frequent updates in the system. These processes typically require mass data maintenance. This is challenging due to the amount of time necessary for manual data entry especially in organisations operating from multiple locations. In addition, manual data entry is fraught with data inaccuracies and results in process interruptions across the enterprise.

Implemented Functionalities

    ​Bonus payments or promotions often occur at specific times for the entire organisation.
    Workforce changes, including new hires and terminations, are integral to daily HR business.
    ​Update data due to changes in organi­sa­tional/legal policies or to harmonise data.
    ​Instantly eliminate manual data entry errors or data migration errors.
    Acquisitions, transfers, reorganisations, …

Client Advantages

  • Guided data entry
    HR users do not need to know technical dependencies. Pre-defined templates guide users through specific scenarios.
  • Easy to use
    It is a simple two-step approach: ​Prepare data and upload to SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Reliable HR data
    ​Before updating or changing data in SAP SuccessFactors, records are being validated to ensure data accuracy.
  • Automated
    ​Automatically manages technical depen­den­cies and data sequencing required to mani­pulate data in SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Controlled process
    All mass updates are completed in one place. An approval process guarantees full control of data changes.