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Document Composer

Accenture Document Composer simplifies the process of the creation, distribution, and storage of employee- or candidate related correspondence.

Solution Description

Accenture Document Composer simplifies and facilitates the process of the creation, distribution, and storage of employee- or candidate-related correspondence. It enables users to build and manage templates easily, offering a straightforward method to merge data from SAP SuccessFactors or SAP ERP HCM systems or CSV-files. It has an employee folder for sharing documents with employees, managers and HR Business leveraging standard functionality within SuccessFactors. It also provides reporting of performance indicators, such as template usage, document volume, etc., to continuously improve related processes.

The tool offers a full digital experience for a variety of HR processes for e.g., recruiting where contracts or offer letters can be created digitally, approved using standard SuccessFactors Workflows, signed using a Digital Signature vendor such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign and eventually stored, retained and deleted in the Employee Folder using standard SuccessFactors retention features.

Implemented Functionalities

    Contracts Employment Certificates, Promo­tion Letters, Confirmation State­ments, Maternity Leave, Bonus Letters, Transfer Letters, Termination, Com­pen­sation State­ments, Talent Profiles etc.
    Offer Letters, Employment Contract Pro­posals, Rejection Letters, Welcome Letters, etc.
    Employment Contract, Pre-Hire Verification, Onboarding checklist incl. IT equipment application or orientation steps
    to a business unit, location, or entire work­force; merit letters, annual share­holder in­for­mation, anni­versary letters, job des­crip­tions

Client Advantages

  • Creating documents
    Intuitive insertion of data fields from SAP SuccessFactors during design
  • Storing documents in the employee folder to share with employees
    Retention policies support GDPR com­pli­ance. The employee can also provide docu­ments here.
  • Dynamic content
    Dynamic sections are repeated or filtered out in accordance with the logic.
  • Secure confidentiality
    Align with role-based permission from SAP SuccessFactors for data access. Data never leaves SAP’s Business Technology Platform.
  • Process integration
    Changes in SAP SuccessFactors can auto­matically trigger document generation.
  • Easy distribution
    Design, notify, print, update, sign, and archive directly from a single screen