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Data Privacy Suite

Most recently, much attention has been paid to GDPR. You are looking for a respective solution to tackle compliance with GDPR and other data privacy legislation in your SAP system?

You will need Data Privacy Suite with the corresponding products Data Disclose, Data Redact and Data Retain.

Solution Description

Since May 25th, 2018, all organisations world-wide collecting, storing and processing personal data from European Union (EU) citizens must be able to reveal the data they have on the individual and what purpose(s) it is being stored and used for.

The Data Privacy Suite helps you to reach compliance. You can alienate or delete sensitive or identifying data without removing the whole record. In addition, EPI-USE Labs provides the comprehensive solution Data Secure to protect data with predefined masking rules.

Data Disclose, Data Redact and Data Retain are built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property of EPI-USE experts.

Implemented Functionalities

  • DATA DISCLOSE                                 
    Quickly find and view the data subject’s footprint; connect as many non-SAP system as you wish; view and customise the output
  • DATA RETAIN                                
    Proactively finds data subjects for redaction based on flexible rules
  • DATA REDACT                                   
    Sensitive or identifying fields are altered, or cleared, without removing the whole record  
  • DATA SECURE                                      
    Protect sensitive data in all non-productive systems with predefined masking rules

Client Advantages

  • Searches all ABAP stack systems (ERP, CRM, SRM, BW etc.) including non-SAP system integrated with the product’s APIs in an automated process
  • Display an ongoing commitment to compliance and leverage retention periods for different data types
  • Reporting of non-sensitive data is unaffected, e.g. graphical or gender statistics
  • Proactive deletion of old data; costly archiving projects or custom deletion solutions can be avoided