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Data Sync Manager

Fast, Powerful SAP® Data Copies – the Data Sync Manager ™ suite supports SAP ERP, HCM, SRM, CRM, SCM, BW and GTS; compatible with S/4HANA.

Solution Description

How do you get real SAP data into non-production systems for testing, training and support?

The simple solution: EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) product suite and related services.

Data Sync Manager (DSM) empowers both technical and functional SAP® users by ensuring access to subsets of production data in non-production systems. This powerful, high-speed solution copies systems, clients and individual business objects, with the option to anonymize the data.

The DSM suite is SAP-certified and consists of four complementary products that can be used on their own, but their real power is experienced when used in combination. As it is the simplest and most effective way to copy and mask data between and within any SAP ABAP stack landscape (such as ERP, CRM or BW), more than 600 companies world-wide already trust this solution by EPI-USE Labs.     

Implemented Functionalities

  • CLIENT SYNC™                          
    Refreshment of subset of client data with the Client Sync™
  • OBJECT SYNC™                                                 
    On-Demand copying of selected object data into a non-production system
  • DATA SECURE™                                  
    Acceleration and simplification of anonymization process of sensitive data with Data Secure™
  • SYSTEM BUILDER™                          
    Possibility to quickly build a new system shell with System Builder™
  • S/4HANA CERTIFIED                                  
    DSM is certified as integrated with SAP S/4HANA

Client Advantages

  • Quick refreshment of entire clients and reduction of post-processing efforts (BDLS)
  • Provision of data when you need it, where you need it
  • Non-production systems are provided with fresh and accurate test data
  • Protection of sensitive data