HR Force | Accenture Clone & Test


Clone & Test

The Partner-Solution Accenture Clone and Test now enables you to copy, anonymise and compare your relevant data quickly, securely and reliably.

Solution Description

Accenture Clone and Test enables copying and comparing data of various SAP ERP HCM systems for various clients within a system, for systems with different SAP releases or within a client.

Accenture Clone and Test allows you to create snapshots of your employee database, then change the configuration as desired – and compare the resulting data quickly and simply with the snapshot.

Implemented Functionalities

    Copying of any customised tables from the production system in various test environ­ments
    Anonymising of test data to protect sensitive personnel information from illegal access
    Individual or mass comparison of statements and time evaluation results (including bet­ween different systems)
    Consolidating or separating productive SAP ERP HCM installations
    Implementing of data conversions and changes of personnel numbers

Client Advantages

  • A realistic testing and training environment can be built quickly and easily.
  • High data quality in the test system thanks to the regular and efficient updating of selected data
  • It is easy to review data after changes to the configuration or after importing SAP patches and upgrades.
  • Time and cost savings with SAP release change thanks to the copying of data from various release items
  • Easy to use thanks to an intuitive user inter­face and SAP appearance with personalised selection templates