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GMI - Global Employee Information System

You are looking for an option enabling all your employees without constant computer access to input, change and retrieve customer data. Production employees, for example, often do not have a fixed computer workstation for entering things like requests for absence or retrieving remuneration statements.

Solution Description

With the Global Employee Information System (GMI), you will be able to provide each employee with current information without them needing their own access to the SAP ERP HCM system.

You can provide this data either using a kiosk system or a PC application.

This doesn't just enable the display of data, but also communication between the manager, his superior, the superior's representative and/or his personnel clerks. Various workflows are also possible.

Implemented Functionalities

    Diverse evaluations can be provided easily as a PDF list (e.g.: remuneration statements, time sheets, holiday time remaining, etc.).
    Creation of various requests with electronic workflow (e.g.: requests for absence or overtime, time supplements, travel request etc.)
    Internet / Intranet sites may be offered to the employee.
    Integrated mailing system
    Customer-specific information portal
    By means of customer ID card or user/password
    German / English

Client Advantages

  • Short-term/fast implementation of the system; Implementation possible within a few days
  • No additional hardware (middleware) required
  • Customised GMI GUI for secure communication between systems available
  • Secure access thanks to triple protection (network users, GMI users and password,
    or by using the customer employee card)
  • Direct information flow between employees, clerks and superiors
  • Integration of customer-specific reports can be configured easily
  • Individually adjustable thanks to the modular structure of the application
  • Electronic operation of very diverse workflows
  • Secured signature in workflows with thanks to a personal PIN number
  • Simple/fast expansions of evaluations and workflows can be made without programming expenditure