HR Force | Net–Gross Calculation


Net–Gross Calculation

Often you want to give your employees information regarding the gross value of a payment or a candidate would like a certain net salary. Because this must con­verted into a gross salary, elaborate computations frequently have to be carried out.

Solution Description

With HRFORCE Net-Gross Calculation, you can obtain information about what a wage type promised net to an employee is worth gross at any time. Both the wage type features and whether one sixth of the annual income has been exceeded at all, etc. will be taken into consideration here.
The Net-Gross Calculation is based upon the settings of your company-specific settlement methods at any times.

The Net-Gross Calculation also allows you mass processing according to different selection criteria.

Implemented Functionalities

    By specifying an additional wage type and the desired net amount for this wage type, the corresponding gross amount will be entered and issued.
    By specifying an existing wage type and the desired net amount (e.g.: new salary is to amount to EUR x,xxx.xx net: the desired result is not the difference between the old salary and the new salary, but the new salary, …)

Client Advantages

  • No lengthy manual computations
  • Use of current payroll regulations
  • Mass processing possible (e.g.: each employee is to receive a continuous bonus that amounts to EUR x,xxx.xx net, …)
  • Free wage type selection for the computation
  • No ongoing costs for adjustments, because the current settlement structure is always used
  • Very precise results, because all the employees´ current wage types are used
  • Easy to use
  • Practice-oriented and proven solution