HR Force | SAP Personnel Placement Planning on the Internet


SAP Personnel Placement Planning on the Internet

You need Personnel Placement Planning that can be integrated completely into your SAP ERP HCM system (master data, Time Management, absences, Payroll) and operated in a decentralised manner. The planning must be able take place over a browser and be capable of being customised, and the assigning of employees (e.g.: to machines) must be able to be carried out easily and flexibly by the personnel placement planner.

Solution Description

With the HRFORCE-Solution "Personnel Placement Planning on the Internet", it is possible to assign employee resources to various sites directly in an Internet browser. The planning interface is designed as a plugboard, whereby simple planning is possible by means of drag and drop.

This solution builds on the Personnel Placement Planning available in SAP Standard and therefore offers the advantages of both SAP/R3 and WebDynpro for ABAP interface.

All data is managed in the R3 standard tables, which have been used to realise a homogenous system landscape.

Implemented Functionalities

    Employees can be assigned easily by means of drag and drop to a certain requirement (work centre, location, etc.). Overviews for one day and several days are available.
    Absences and placements can be planned for each employee.
    Absence planning can be implemented for each employee in one calendar overview.
    Objects to be planned can be positioned individually on the planning interface.
    Evaluations are offered on the context menu of the various screen templates.

Client Advantages

  • Can be used without SAP Portal
  • Builds on standard SAP Placement Planning
  • Simple plug board for those responsible for planning
  • Planning of employees by means of drag and drop
  • Data entries for bonuses, work, absences, placements and approval possible by means of drag and drop
  • Last changed absence visible
  • Approval for working hours possible
  • Various lists can be called up directly by those responsible for planning.
  • Display of planning boards as control station possible
  • Entries possible during master data processing and settlement runs