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Personnel File Inbox

You would like to save the whole personnel file for an employee electronically, but also must ensure the file´s security without making it completely in­accessible. You can square this circle but also manage this sensitive data both easily and securely with our solution.

Solution Description

The HRFORCE-Solution "Personnel File Inbox" helps companies to create digital files for employees or applicants and also allows to manage them electronically by clerks.

The created files can be assigned to the employees and applicants and are therefore only available online for perusal by these employees or applicants by default.

The application has, however, integrated some functions that also enable other users to inspect the files of employees in special cases.

Implemented Functionalities

    Settings for sorting files, filters for the last documents edited and display options
    Documents can be assigned to employee and applicant files.
    Memos and various memo types can be added to documents.
    Integrated search function for documents and memos (including user-defined text search for OCR Text memo type)
    Individual folder structures for inbox, and department, employee and applicant files
    Lending and resubmission function, four-eye workflow, document sending

Client Advantages

  • Distribution of authority through access rights
  • Easier handling
  • Access to files regardless of location
  • Reduction of administration costs
  • Processing procedures can be traced easily (protocol function).
  • The risk of losing important company data is minimised.
  • No archiving system required