HR Force | Payroll & Check-Cockpit


Payroll & Check-Cockpit

Steer and monitor your payroll processes at any time and let the application guide you through every single step. Thus, you will always be sure not to miss or forget a single step of the process. At the same time you will be able to make your corrections or changes and check the completeness of your personnel data.

Solution Description

The HRFORCE Payroll & Check-Cockpit offers a full overview on all existing payroll processes and supports you by a guided procedure during each step in your process.

Your specific procedures and every step during a process may be individually customised and stored to be reused on a later stage.

Single steps or work packages won’t be forgotten or may be processed in a very structured way. Thus, you can monitor the whole process status and every single step is logged.

The HRFORCE Payroll & Check-Cockpit supports you either during your checks in terms of completeness and correctness of personnel master data and eventually required changes.

Implemented Functionalities

    Selection by administrator, payroll area and payroll period
    different Views, customisable per clerk
    Processes, steps and dependencies may be defined individually and fully to your requirements
    Checks may be created individually and are fully integrated into the Payroll & Check-Cockpit

Client Advantages

  • The whole process and its progress will be logged in a detailed way.
  • The most important information regarding the payroll process and all required checks at a glance
  • Incorrect data records will be shown directly in the Payroll & Check-Cockpit and may be corrected without leaving the application. These changes will be logged, too.
  • Released processes may be finalised by stand-ins.
  • Every released Process and every single step will be logged and may be retraced at any time.