HR Force | Overtime Approval


Overtime Approval

Accelerate your internal approval processes (employee and/or approver related ones) in enabling each role involved to initiate an approval process in order to bring it to an end. This will support your organisation in terms of time critical approvals (in this solution the approval of planned or carried out overtimes) to let it take part of the next working time calculation and payroll run.  

Solution Description

The Overtime Approval solution by HR Force supports the request and approval process concerning the compensation of planned or already carried out overtime.

Hence daily approvals, monthly overtime quotas as well as balance transfers of specific periods may be confirmed to be accounted into time management and subsequently into payroll.

Automatic workflows support the data processing after the approval step without any additional manual effort.

Implemented Functionalities

    Employees may submit carried out or planned overtime hours, monthly overtime quotas as well as balance transfers to their manager for approval.
    After the employee’s creation the managers can approve the overtime hours.
    Managers may create overtime hours for their employees as well as execute balance transfers.
    The Overtime Approval solution works as a workflow supported process to keep processing times as short as possible.

Client Advantages

  • Fully automated processing of overtime hours for separate time management periods
  • No manual effort for posting of employee’s or time-administrator’s overtime hours and balances
  • Operation will be executed via workflow and enables a comprehensible and fast process.
  • Expandability due to the usage of modern web technologie (FIORI, WebDynpro ABAP)
  • A combination with HRFORCE Time Sheet Approval is possible.