HR Force | Wage Dumping – Coverage Verification


Wage Dumping – Coverage Verification

Both Austrian authorities and collective agreements oblige you as an employer to check the agreed salary of your all-in paid population in terms of its sufficiency on a regularly base. Any all-in compensation is only admissible until the employee is not worse dispositioned against a payment of his overtime hours.

Solution Description

By using the HRFORCE-Solution “Wage Dumping – Coverage Verification” you as an employer will be put into the position to compare the real salary against the notional income over a specific timeframe and to anticipate the consequences, right before you will be forced to by an auditor. As a pre-requisite it is expected that all your all-in paid employees record their working times properly and the time evaluation creates the required time wage types which are then computed and stored as statistical wage types by your payroll. As a result you will get a positive / negative balance report supported by traffic lights.

Implemented Functionalities

    Individual adjustments of all outputs and download into Excel
    Nice breakdown to find affected employees immediately
    Positive or negative balances tag, in combination with traffic lights, affected employees
    Usage of SAP sub-applications and cumulation wage types
    Printout for employees (currently based on the requirement of the collective agreement wholesale & retail)

Client Advantages

  • Best practice solution
  • Adaptable to your company’s requirements
  • Export to Excel
  • Proactive controlling and compliance to regulations
  • Future-proof due to usage of SAP standard tables
  • Usage of existing customer wage types
  • Compliance to regulations
  • Avoidance of fines